Scotch & Soda - Terms and Conditions of Sale

These are the terms and conditions of sale of S&S Europe B.V. ("Scotch & Soda" and these terms and conditions of sale: the "Conditions"). These Conditions apply to all orders placed by you with Scotch & Soda via its webstore ( or otherwise outside a physical retail space. By placing an order, you agree to the applicability of these Conditions on the agreement between you and Scotch & Soda.

These Conditions set out the rights and obligations of the parties that apply to your ordering of products via the webstore of Scotch & Soda. It is therefore important that you take the time to read these Conditions carefully. Scotch & Soda recommends storing these Conditions on your computer and/or printing them for your records.

  1. Information about Scotch & Soda

    1. Scotch & Soda is a private limited liability company incorporated in the Netherlands. The full contact information of Scotch & Soda is as follows S&S Europe B.V. Jacobus Spijkerdreef 20 2132 PZ Hoofddorp, Netherlands Phone: (0031)(0)23 7992168 (Monday to Friday 08h30 am to 05h00 pm) E-mail: Chamber of Commerce number: 89625595 VAT number: NL865044880B01

  2. Your Details

    1. To enable the smooth and timely execution of the agreement by Scotch & Soda, it is important that you correctly and completely provide your name, your email address and the delivery address as per the instructions. You are responsible for the accuracy of the details provided by you. You will find the full contact details of Scotch & Soda under Article 1 of these Conditions.

    2. Scotch & Soda will use the details provided by you only in the manner indicated in the privacy statement, which is available on its website.

  3. Offer and Agreement

    1. When you buy an article via the webstore of Scotch & Soda, you enter into an agreement with Scotch & Soda. The agreement starts when Scotch & Soda has sent a confirmation to the e-mail address specified by you.

    2. An agreement arising from an offer which contains an obvious mistake and/or error, such as an unusually low price, is not binding upon Scotch & Soda. Please contact Scotch & Soda when you doubt the validity of an offer.

  4. Price and Payment

    1. The price quoted in the webstore when you place an order is the total price including all taxes and, if applicable, delivery charges.

    2. You can pay for your order in the ways indicated in the webstore of Scotch & Soda. It is not possible to use Scotch & Soda gift cards in the webstore.

  5. Order Processing and Delivery

    1. Scotch & Soda aims to process and deliver your order as smoothly and quickly as possible. In the unlikely event that the relevant order is no longer available, Scotch & Soda will inform you and refund the paid amount for the relevant product.

    2. Orders are shipped to the delivery address provided by you and via the means of delivery chosen by you.

    3. If the delivery address is located outside the European Union, it is possible that the country in question charges additional levies, such as import tax. Scotch & Soda has no influence or control over such levies and can therefore not provide you with further information. You must check yourself if the ordered articles can be exported and imported to the country in question and what the costs are, before placing such an order.

    4. Ownership of the ordered products passes to you as soon as Scotch & Soda has received full payment.

    5. Scotch & Soda takes great care to ensure that products are shipped accurately and in full. Should you unexpectedly receive incomplete or damaged products, please contact Scotch & Soda.

  6. Quality

    1. Scotch & Soda aims to display products on its website as fully and accurately as possible. The nature of the offered products may result in differences (such as colour differences) between the display of products on the website and the product delivered to you.

    2. All the products in the Scotch & Soda collection meet your expected quality standards. However, we expressly point out that these products are designed from an aesthetic point of view, and not with a view of optimum lifespan, practical usefulness or ease of use.

    3. The products on offer in the webstore, such as garments and accessories, are naturally subject to wear. The lifespan of a product is partly dependent on the material of the product, the intensity of use and the level of care. The products of Scotch & Soda are made from the materials listed in the webstore. For optimum lifespan and quality, it is important, where necessary, to follow the washing instructions.

  7. Right of Withdrawal

    1. You have the right to terminate the agreement within 30 days after receipt of all the products in your order, without giving any reasons for doing so. This is the so-called cooling-off period. You can inform us in any other unambiguous way that you wish to terminate the agreement (for example by e-mail or post). More information about return options can be found on our website.

    2. If you choose to terminate the agreement as far as a particular product is concerned, you are required to return this product as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receipt of all the products in your order, to the address of Scotch & Soda as stated in Article 1.1. The direct costs of the return shipment of the product to Scotch & Soda are for your own account.

    3. In case of termination within the meaning of Article 7.1, Scotch & Soda refunds the amount paid for the product in question (including any paid delivery charges) immediately and in any case no later than fourteen days after receipt of the notice that you wish to terminate the agreement, but not before Scotch & Soda has received the returned product in question or you are able to prove that the product has indeed been returned. If, when placing your order, you chose a different delivery method than the cheapest standard delivery used by Scotch & Soda, we will not refund any extra costs resulting from this upon termination of the agreement.

    4. The termination right within the meaning of Article 7.1 is meant to determine if the product is suitable and if you indeed want the product. It is permissible to use the product as far as necessary to verify whether or not you actually want the product, just like you would do in a retail space. Further use of the product, such as wearing the product in a public space or any other actual use, affects your termination right as set out in more detail in Article 7.5.

    5. When you return a product that you have damaged, has been washed, the labels have been removed, a product is incomplete or a product contains other signs of wear which show that you have used the product more extensively than permitted under Article 7.4, you are liable towards Scotch & Soda for the decrease in the value of the product caused by you. Scotch & Soda will deduct this decrease in value from the total amount to be refunded to you.

    6. The termination right within the meaning of Article 7.1 does not apply to products that are not suitable for return due to health and hygiene reasons and where the seal has been broken after delivery.

    7. Product purchased on the S&S Europe B.V. e-commerce platform ( may be returned by method of postal service or courier to S&S Europe B.V. headquarters, or in official retail stores, only available for customers located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; additional countries do not apply.

  8. Changes to these Conditions

    1. If Scotch & Soda decides to change these Conditions, it will publish the changed Conditions on its website. You are advised to check on a regular basis if the Conditions have changed. Any changes do not apply to orders that were placed before the date of change. These Conditions were last changed on February 10, 2017.

  9. Disputes

    1. Scotch & Soda aims to deliver the highest possible quality regarding its products and services. Should you have any complaints, you can direct them to us by phone, post or e-mail to: S&S Europe B.V. Jacobus Spijkerdreef 20 2132 PZ Hoofddorp, Netherlands Phone: (0031) (0) 23 7992168 (Monday to Friday 08h30 am to 05h00 pm) E-mail:

    2. If you have gone through the complaint procedure, but you want your complaint referred to another authority, you can contact the Dispute Commission via the European ODR Platform:

  10. Applicable Law

    1. Dutch law applies to these Conditions and to the agreements between you and Scotch & Soda, with the exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention. This choice of law shall not affect any further protection that you have based on the mandatory provisions of the law that would apply without this provision.

Scotch & Soda Gift Card - Terms and Conditions

1. General

These Scotch & Soda Gift Card terms and conditions (“Gift Card Terms and Conditions”) apply to all physical Scotch & Soda gift cards (“Scotch & Soda Gift Card(s)”) purchased in one of our directly operated Scotch & Soda stores within the following countries:

  • The Netherlands

  • Germany

  • Belgium

  • Austria

  • Luxembourg

A Scotch & Soda Gift Card can be purchased and/or redeemed in all our directly operated stores within the above mentioned countries. For an overview of our directly operated physical stores where your Scotch & Soda Gift Card can be redeemed, please click here.

Please note that Scotch & Soda Gift Cards cannot be redeemed (i) in stores operated by other franchise partners, (ii) online, and/or (iii) for cash.

By purchasing a Scotch & Soda Gift Card, you accept these Gift Card Terms and Conditions. Scotch & Soda reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Gift Card Terms and Conditions at any time. The most recent version of these Gift Card Terms and Conditions can be found at

2. Payment

You can use the balance on your Scotch & Soda Gift Card to pay for (part of) the purchase price of your selected item(s). If the total purchase price is not completely covered by the Scotch & Soda Gift Card balance, you can use an additional payment method to complete the purchase. You can always check your current balance in one of our stores or by contacting Consumer Care.

3. Validity

The maximum value of a Scotch & Soda Gift Card is €500. The minimum value is €10. You can always increase the balance of your Scotch & Soda Gift Card by purchasing additional credit in one of our stores.

Scotch & Soda Gift Cards are valid for the duration of 2years from the date of purchase. Upon the expiry of the validity period, Scotch & Soda Gift Cards can no longer be redeemed or reactivated, nor can any unused remaining value be refunded or transferred.

4. Returns of Scotch & Soda Gift Cards

Provided that you have not used, activated or (partly) redeemed your Scotch & Soda Gift Card, you are authorized to return your Scotch & Soda Gift Card within 30 days as from the day of purchase of the Scotch & Soda Gift Card in which case you will receive a full refund.

If you wish to return your Scotch & Soda Gift Card, please contact Consumer Care or visit one of our stores.

5. Return of items purchased with a Scotch & Soda Gift Card

If you are entitled to a refund and if you have paid for your purchase solely by a Scotch & Soda Gift Card, you will receive such refund on your Scotch & Soda Gift Card.

If you are entitled to a refund and if you have paid for your purchase by making use of two different payment methods of which one is with a Scotch & Soda Gift Card, you will first receive such refund on your Scotch & Soda Gift Card. For example, if you purchased one or more products with a Scotch & Soda Gift Card and a credit card, we will first refund you on your Scotch & Soda Gift Card (if you no longer have the original Scotch & Soda Gift Card, we will issue the refund on a new one). The remaining amount will be refunded on your credit card (or any other payment method of your choice).

6. Liability

Scotch & Soda cannot be held liable for Scotch & Soda Gift Cards which are lost, stolen, inactivated, misused or damaged. We only accept Gift Cards with a clearly readable and visible barcode.

7. Consumer Care

You can contact Consumer Care here in case you have any questions with respect to the Scotch & Soda Gift Card.